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Where did these thousands of dollars come from?

Our family announced a few weeks ago that we would be traveling the world starting on September 6th. This was after Timothy's resignation from his job as a school principal which resulted in the final day of his annual contract being June 30th. Subsequently, he has enjoyed serving part time at a local non-profit geared toward helping formerly homeless men. The non-profit is called The Cookery.

Our little family of four will embark on a journey around the world in which, by the end of it, we will have touched five different continents and a total of eight destinations. We are excited! As we have planned for this, we are constantly reminded that we did not see this coming last Christmas or even at the turn of the New Year. Our RTW trip and all of the subsequent planning required for such an adventure crystallized back in March. In other words, if someone had of asked us back in January if we thought we'd be packing up and traveling the world for a year, we would have responded with a grin and a polite, "no."

With all of this being stated and the lack of time planning such an undertaking, we have been consistently asked one specific question: "how are you paying for all of this?" This is where the thousands of dollars comes in. No, we did not win the lottery. No, we did not inherit a large lump sum of money. And, of course, we did not save exclusively for this. We did not receive free flights or strike gold with hotel chains. Our trip will cost us around $53,000 if our planning and budgeting are close to correct. With zero income, how does one pay for this? Where do these thousands of dollars come from? There is no easy answer. Therefore, here is "where" the thousands of dollars came from? (Or better yet, this is "how" we will pay for this trip):

1. We had a few thousand dollars in savings that we had been disciplined enough to save.

2. We sold pretty much everything. Outside of a few keepsake and necessities, we sold over $1K worth of our "stuff." It felt good to declutter and we got some money out of it.

3. We sold our cars. Yes, we officially will be "car-less" for a year. Some may say that makes us "careless" but it is actually freeing so to speak.

4. We cancelled subscriptions and put purchases, we otherwise more than likely would have made, on hold.

5. Timothy worked a part-time job months leading up to departure. He also presented at a conference or two before leaving. These provided some funds.

6. We received a "pay-out" from Timothy's former school leadership position.

7. We used our tax refund money to pay for this trip.

8. We kept our home in a great neighborhood in Nashville, but we moved out and obtained tenants for whom will rent from us. We will use any profit from the rent for the trip.

9. Credit cards that will earn us points (we have never had a credit card prior to this so this one is particularly different for us). We will use the points gained from our purchases on the credit cards to pay for flights and accommodations later in our journeys.

10. We bought airfare, accommodations, trip gear at the most affordable rates we could find while also paying attention to reviews and making reasonable buying choices.

The list above captures the top ten ways we have been able to scrounge up a way to pay for this trip. If I am learning anything in life in a more repetitive manner, it is that nothing is easy and nothing just happens. You have to make things work. No one gave us this RTW trip experience. We are giving this to ourselves. We are finding ways to make this happen. You can too if you want to. And, it does not have to be a trip or connected to traveling. You can do anything you want to do. What is it? What is holding you back?  Break free and start making your own changes... make your own way. If you do, let us know... we'd love to keep up!

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